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IJCO The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations™ is owned and published by Professional Coaching Publications, Inc. (PCPI). PCPI has two versions of a copyright agreement that it requests writer(s) for IJCO™ to complete, sign and return: one for articles by one writer, another for articles by two or more writers. Links for each of the two copyright agreements can be found at the bottom of this page. The Writer Copyright Agreement is shown below.

Professional Coaching Publications, Inc. (hereafter referred to as "PCPI" or "the Publisher" in this Agreement), a publisher of coaching educational and reference materials, gratefully acknowledges your contribution of practice and writing expertise. Because writing and publishing involve certain rights and responsibilities, we provide the following summary of PCPI publishing policy for your reference and acceptance. As the entity for which the works are prepared, PCPI is the legal author and holds copyright in the work.

Writer (hereafter referred to as "Writer" in this Agreement) is meant to describe you, the individual who writes a work commissioned by PCPI, the Author. All works consist of works made for hire and all copyrights belong to and are owned by PCPI. PCPI is the actual author of all works under U.S. Copyright Law, Title 17 of the United States Code, Sec. 101.
The Writer agrees to:
  • Write a new work, or update an existing work, under the title stated. The "work" to be published includes both the text and whatever supplemental materials, including but not limited to tables, figures, forms, exhibits, illustrations and footnotes, the Writer, with the concurrence of PCPI, deems appropriate.
  • Deliver via email any required first draft and the final draft of the work to PCPI on or before the dates above.
  • Follow the formatting distinctions in the IJCO™ Article Manuscript Formatting Guidelines for Writers or like document.
  • Read, mark, and promptly return drafts and otherwise cooperate in expediting publication of the work.
  • Provide contact information (phone, email, website), biographical data (including honorifics), permit PCPI to use the Writer's name and identity in its marketing materials, and otherwise cooperate in all reasonable respects with PCPI, at PCPI's expense in promoting the work. The Writer shall update their biographical information at the time that final drafts are returned to PCPI.
  • Provide current mailing address.
  • Provide current mailing address.
  • Optional, per Author’s choice. Provide logo and name of Author’s company, with company website URL, for promotional purposes on IJCO website,
The Writer warrants that he/she has full right, title, and interest in and to all original copyrightable expression contained in this work, and that he/she has all necessary permissions in writing and authority from prior writers of and/or other contributors of Writer's copyrightable expression, which are used or re-used, in whole or in part or derivatively, in this work, as well as citations of others' works as web links.

The Writer will identify to PCPI those portions of his/her work which incorporate, wholly or in part or derivatively, protectable expression of others, and identify the other writers and works so used, and herewith indemnifies and holds PCPI harmless and agrees to defend PCPI from any claims of infringement of copyright, misappropriation, and the like, without limitation, that may be made against PCPI arising from its publishing Writer's work. PCPI will promptly advise Writer at his/her last known address of any claim made against PCPI by another arising from PCPI's publication of the work or any part thereof.

PCPI agrees to:
  • Place the Writer's name on the appropriate table of contents page and title page, and publicize his/her contribution in suitable promotional material.
  • Give appropriate credit to the Writer and to the work if PCPI uses the work or any of its contents in a subsequent publication.
  • Provide two complimentary copies of the journal issue in which the article appears for the Writer writing the article.
  • Provide one complimentary electronic copy of the Writer's article in .pdf format, marked as "Writer's Version" and locked so it cannot be edited.
  • Optional, contingent on receipt of finished art consistent with specifications and URL. Provide one IJCOLogoLink™ placement on IJCO website,, for three months from date that Journal Issue in which article appears is posted on IJCO™ website. IJCOLogoLink™ shall be hotlinked to Writer’s website at stated URL.

The Writer and PCPI mutually agree that:
  • The Writer is providing the work as a work for hire and acknowledges receipt of one dollar (US$1) in hand paid. Accordingly, PCPI shall own the copyright and all rights for the work or works provided hereunder.
  • PCPI hereby grants Writer a license to make all reasonable uses of the work or any part of the work for distribution to Writer's clients and for Writer's practice development and to incorporate parts of the work in the Writer's other coaching publications not competitive with the work as published by PCPI, with the following qualifications:
    • The Writer emails PCPI ( to notify PCPI that the work is to appear in other publications. (This is a way of keeping track of the reproduction of PCPI articles in other venues and promoting such additional publications.)
    • The following statement (already added in the Writer’s .pdf version of the article) appears on the cover page, after the Writer’s name:
      <This article first appeared in IJCO™ Thea International Journal of Coaching in Organizations (20xx, Volumex(Issuex), xxx-xxx). It can only be reprinted and distributed with prior written permission of Professional Coaching Publications, Inc. (PCPI). Email John Lazar at for such permission.>
    • The following statement (already added in the Writer’s .pdf version of the article) appears at the bottom of the first page:
      ©Copyright 20xx by PCPI. All rights reserved worldwide.
  • If the work is a contribution to a compilation or journal, PCPI will own all rights including copyright in the compilation and the Writer's right of use will apply only to the Writer's own contribution. Copyright in the work will not be used to prevent practitioners from copying models, forms, and other such materials contained in the work in their own practices.
  • PCPI reserves the right to terminate the project, to decline to accept all or part of the manuscript, or to decide not to publish the work if circumstances indicate that the work will not meet PCPI's publishing objectives or is determined to be not economically feasible. In such cases, PCPI will promptly notify the Writer.
  • PCPI solely controls final editorial and administrative decisions, including style and format, print run, type, paper, binding, price, distribution, and promotion. The Writer shall be solely responsible for all content of the work or of his or her contribution thereto.
  • PCPI has chosen the Writer on the basis of the Writer's personal knowledge, experience, and reputation. The Writer's obligations to PCPI are therefore not transferable, even within the Writer's company (if any), without PCPI's written approval. CO-WRITER(S) MAY NOT BE ADDED WITHOUT NOTICE TO AND THE PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL OF PCPI.

Select and click on which copyright agreement you would like: Writer or Co-Writers. Print, fill out, sign and return the appropriate form by fax (+1-708-488-0940, no cover sheet required), email as a scanned pdf file ( ), fax (+1-708-488-0940), or mail the completed form to the IJCO™ Publisher. See bottom of the form for mailing address information.

Download Writer Copyright Agreement
Download Co-Writer Copyright Agreement
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