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By the end of 2012, IJCO™ will have. . .
  • Become the standard in the industry and the premier place to be published.
  • Played a major role in defining the field of professional coaching in organizations. While other organizations similarly committed to the advancement of professional coaching practices will play a key role in defining the field, the IJCO™ will be at the center of dialog and the primary forum in which they define the field, debate elements of professional practice, and refine concepts.
  • Helped set the boundaries of coaching. As a forum for professional practitioners, the IJCO™ will help professionals in all human service fields distinguish professional coaching that occurs in organizations from personal coaching, professional consulting, psychotherapy, spiritual direction, education, training, and other kinds of interventions.
  • Helped leading practitioners, organizations, and associations set standards and practices. IJCO™ will be recognized as a place for the vigorous debate of ethics, reflective practice, goals, and the relationship between organizational coaching and other human systems interventions.
  • Helped lead an ongoing worldwide conversation about the direction of professional coaching in organizations: where it has been, where it is, where it is going, how it is developing in various sectors of global society, and what promises and pitfalls have been born of this emerging profession.
  • Correlated relevant research findings with current organizational coaching theory and practice. IJCO™ will encourage and publish research on coaching in organizations, with an emphasis on coaching outcomes.
  • Encouraged research for ways to apply organizational coaching strategies to previously unexplored areas. The IJCO™ will publish exploratory articles about untested areas of coaching in organizations.
  • Explored the notion of measurable, relevant concrete outcomes. The IJCO™ will lead discussion about organizational coaching outcomes and help practitioners to focus on outcomes that, while rich, are difficult to measure.
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