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IJCO The International Journal of Coaching in OrganizationsTM was founded by seasoned coaching practitioners to make a lasting contribution to the field of professional coaching and to help sustain the growth and maturation of professional coaching in organizations. You can participate. Become a subscriber or even a sponsor. Read and engage in leading edge dialogue. Submit an article for publication. Advertise your business and its products and services, whether in our journal or on our website.
IJCO The International Journal of Coaching in OrganizationsTM promotes the sharing of wisdom, insights, theories, models and practices among professional coaches. This journal is specifically designed to address the needs of practitioners throughout the world who facilitate either of two kinds of mutually designed relationships: one-to-one with key contributors - men and women who are operating from their positions of influence within organizations; and with those who manage others, lead teams, and the teams that produce organizational results. This journal is also intended for those leaders and users of professional coaching services who are accountable for highly complex decisions with wide scope of impact on their organizations and society. The practices on which this journal focuses usually are based on organizational performance and development, though they may have, and often do have, a personal component. The results produced from the coaching relationship being considered in this journal are observable and aligned with the welfare of both the organization and the individual(s) participating in the coaching process.
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